Aliseda Reservoir

Place for recreation and observation of flora and fauna.

The Aliseda reservoir is located to the south of the town center and is fed by water from the Valdelayegua limestone reservoir, in addition to rainfall.

Aliseda Dam is located in the Aliseda riverbed (Rivera Aliseda), in the municipality of Aliseda, province of Caceres, Extremadura, Spain. Reservoir belonging to the Tajo River Basin.

The Aliseda Dam is built with loose materials and concrete screen, straight plant. The works were completed in 1978.

The dam has a crest length of 113 m and a crest width of 6 m.
Fixed lip spillway on right abutment with a length of 9 m and a design flow of 58.0 m3/s.
The Aliseda reservoir has a capacity of 0.541 Hm3 and supplies approximately 2,000 inhabitants of Aliseda.

It was carried out in the 1970s by IRYDA. It was built with a breakwater with a concrete screen. It is located at an elevation of 346 meters above sea level.

This reservoir was not only built to supply drinking water to the municipality, but also for the creation of a small irrigation system that in the end was not put into operation.

Another use of the Aliseda Reservoir is as a fishing preserve where the main species is the tench. The fishing period is from March 18 to the first Sunday of October. Apart from the tench, which is the predominant species in the reservoir, we can also find trout, carp, American crayfish, etc.

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